Changing people's relationship with money
Our purpose

We’re on a mission to democratize banking and make the world financially healthier. Taking an AI-first approach to helping people spend wisely, save more and build wealth.

Our history

The company was founded by Andy Taylor in 2016, Co-founder of SocietyOne, Australia’s first and leading P2P Lending platform. Andy has always been passionate about the power of technology to disrupt the banking industry and empower individuals.

Banking reimagined

We believe that the current business model operated by banks and neobanks today is outdated. We are developing a radically new banking model, centred around software that helps you achieve your goals, live a happier life and achieve financial freedom.

Our goal is to help you save more and build wealth, not take on more debt

We believe in helping you reach your potential. Changing your relationship with money and constantly finding opportunities to get you ahead of the curve and on a path to financial freedom.

Harnessing the power of AI to automate banking and foster financial wellness

We are transforming banking. Providing real-time personalized insight and assistance, simplifying day-to-day banking. Which in turn will have a real impact on your financial wellbeing.

We are a tech company, not a bank

We are proud to say we are a technology company, pioneering a new business model focused on helping our customers live financially healthier lives, not getting them into more debt.

A connected ecosystem

Our long-term plan is to become your financial control centre, allowing you to connect your data and account into the third party app's you use everyday.

Our values
We believe in

We believe that managing your money should be made effortlessly simple. We are focused on removing the complexities and mis-information that prevent our customers from getting ahead and creating positive habits.

In today's information age, we believe in the need to build an intelligent customer experience, one that is hyper-personalised, understanding and predictive of our customers needs and behaviours.

We believe in the power of technology to empower our customers to become the best they can be, putting them in control. That is why we are dedicated to using AI to educate and enhance decision making.

We believe that transparency is at the core of building a trusted relationship with our customers. We are dedicated to being factual, upfront and honest at all times. Always letting our customer know where they stand at all times.

Our team
Andy Taylor
Founder & CEO
Mark Taylor
Co-Founder & CPMO
John Beale
Micha Wotton
Chief Technology Officer
Joyce Mehlman
Head of Compliance and Operations
William So
Head of Data Science
Glenn Mason
Lead Full-Stack Engineer
Scarlett Evans
Marketing & Comms Manager
Emmanuel Tugado
iOS Technical Lead
Junior iOS Developer
William Francis
Junior Full-Stack Developer
Clinton Zhang
UI Designer
Emily Shen
Junior Data Scientist
Kevin Costello
Customer Experience Representative
New York

Level 3, 510 5th Ave New York, NY 10036 USA


Level 4, 17-19 Bridge St Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

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