Your personalized money story!

Deep dive into your spending and bill insights to understand your money moves.

Knowledge is power and we want to give you the power to be in control of your money and continually help you to kick your goals. We know It’s hard to maintain a pulse on your financial situation and keep track of how you’re doing, which is why we’d like to introduce Insights.

Insights provides you with a bespoke look into your spending and bill habits and wrap it up with a nice bow to give you your money story every week as well as an end-of-month summary. Personalized insights that are linked to your life will help you get a grasp on where your money is going so you can stay in control of your financial journey.

You shouldn’t fear or ignore how you spend, once you’re in the know you can take action to improve your habits or just keep doing you.

Before you know it, blowing your budget will be a thing of the past. You’ll then have more money to save and invest for your goals.

Visualize your money moves

Statements are boring and spreadsheets are a thing of the past! We’ve made it magical, beautiful, and bold!

Mundane isn’t even in our vocab, our beautifully collated data is presented to you in easy-to-digest visualizations. Painting a picture of all your money moves so you can pinpoint room for improvement without having to spend hours looking for a needle in the haystack.

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