A smart bank account that helps you
spend wisely
save more
build wealth
A taste of things to come
We're on a mission to foster financial wellness through a fully autonomous money assistant.

Automating your money management needs to achieve your goals faster.

Bills Jar

A dedicated Jar to set aside money to pay your bills every time you get paid.

Wealth Jars

Throttle your savings by investing money in custom built managed portfolios.

Cash Rewards

Save more by earning cash rewards from your favorite merchants using our debit card.

Say goodbye to
monthly service fees
minimum balances
add-on ATM fees
overdraft fees
transfer fees
inactivity fees
Help us build the future of banking
Join our community of like-minded people, who are deeply passionate about helping us change the face of banking.
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The Douugh Bank Account and Mastercard Debit are issued by Choice Bank. Deposits are insured upto $250,000.
A smart bank account