Bills Jar
Managing your bills just got easier. View, pay and track all of your bills from a dedicated Jar that's completely separate from your checking account.
A Jar just for your bills

We've created a Jar for easy management of all your fixed expenses and subscriptions. Helping you keep track of your paid bills and upcoming payments.

Always know you have enough stashed away to cover your bills, so no more missed payments or spending the rent!

Paying bills is easier than ever

Use your dedicated virtual card or account details to pay for your bills and subscriptions directly out of your Bills Jar.

This way we can track them for you and keep you notified along the way.

Money management on Autopilot

Autopilot's Salary Sweeper automatically sets aside for your bills, savings goals, and a rainy day every payday. So you have confidence knowing what’s left in your checking account is safe to splurge.

Like any good financial assistant, Salary Sweeper will take care of your money management so you can focus on what is most important to you.


Stay one step ahead

We’ll notify you when bills are paid and before payments go out, to help make sure there’s enough money in your Jar to cover it.

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