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Deep dive into your spending and bills habits to understand your money moves.

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Unearth your money trends.

Knowledge is power! Know where your money is going each week with bespoke insights and reports. Be shocked, be surprised and be proud of your spending habits, and then take action to continually improve your financial fitness. Before you know it, blowing your budget will be a thing of the past.

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Visualize your money moves.

Managing your money should be magical, not mundane. Our algorithms work around the clock crunching the numbers and wrangling the data into easy-to-digest visualizations of your spending habits. We’re painting a picture with your money moves so you can pinpoint room for improvement.

Weekly wrap up.

No one likes freaking out at the end of the month when they realise they have overspent. The weekly insights help you monitor and understand your daily spending, week-on-week changes, top spending categories, upcoming bills and total outgoings.

Monthly deep dive.

This is where the juiciest information can be found. In addition to all the great information in the weekly report, you can also see how you’re tracking towards your targets - it’s never been easier to spend smarter and save like a pro.

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Check back each week for further insights into your financial wellness.


What are insights reports?

Insight reports are your key to living financially healthier. We take the spending, payments, bills, and everything in between to show you key areas where your financial fitness can improve! Just like physical fitness, this might mean skipping that take-out this week.

When can I access my reports?

There are two types of insight reports available to you, weekly and monthly reports.

Weekly reports generate every 7 days, this means if you opened your account on Tuesday the 1st, your first report will be available 7 days after, on the 8th.

Monthly reports are generated on the 1st of every month, regardless of when you open your account.
We do not currently have the capability to change the dates these reports are generated.

How do I access my insights reports?

You can access your insight reports from the Pulse section of the Douugh app. Just click on Pulse on the bottom tab bar, and your latest weekly or monthly insights will appear at the top above your connected accounts.
If you have recently signed up with Douugh, fear not! Your report will generate in due time, so get spending that Douugh.