Earn cash-back
when you shop

Automatically apply the best coupons, plus get cashback from over 30,000 merchants with our new Chrome extension.

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Savvy shopping in seconds.

We get it, budgeting and saving can be tricky. Fortunately, we’ve got the tools to make it a breeze! Our Google Chrome extension will turn you into the savviest of shoppers. Install the extension in just a few steps, and shop online as you normally do.

We’ll pop up the best coupon and cashback offers at hundreds of leading online retailers.

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Coupons on Autopilot.

Douugh Rewards will automatically alert you of the best coupons available as you shop, apply them with one click and enjoy the savings - now that’s smarter shopping.

Maximise your savings with cashback offers.

Unlock amazing cashback rewards at your favourite online retailers from Hilton Hotels to Petco. Paying full price is for suckers.

Share the savings, make Douugh.

Share your unique cashback link with your friends and earn up to the same percent back when they make a purchase. It’s a win-win and a no-brainer.

Let’s get saving:

Add the free Douugh Rewards extension to your Google Chrome browser.

Shop your favourite online stores like usual with your Douugh Debit Mastercard.

Click the Douugh Rewards icon on your browser to see your savings to date.

Connect your PayPal account & transfer the funds to your Douugh account.

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How do I use the Douugh Rewards browser extension?

Visit the Chrome web store for the Douugh Rewards Chrome browser extension page here.

From there, click the Add to Chrome button and follow the process to add it to your Chrome browser. Once it’s installed, start shopping!

As you browse websites, the browser extension will alert you if a site has a cashback offer. Once you see the cashback alert notification at a Merchant you’re shopping with, click to activate the cashback offer before you check out. Once you make a purchase after activating the offer, we’ll keep track of the transaction and your cashback due. 

You’ll be able to see your pending, confirmed, and paid cashback in the dashboard included in the Chrome extension.

Which merchants are part of Douugh Rewards?

Rewards are available at over 17,000 merchants, including the following:

  • Macy’s

  • Kohl’s

  • Walmart

  • Lenovo

  • Loft

  • JCPenney

  • Staples

  • Ebay

  • Chewy

  • Gap

What is Douugh Rewards?

Douugh Rewards is a way to earn cashback on your everyday online purchases. When you shop online with our free Chrome browser extension installed, you will see alerts for cashback at eligible online stores (aka Merchants). If you activate the cashback available, then complete an eligible online purchase at that store, you’ll receive cashback on your purchase.

How does Douugh pay me the cashback I’ve already earned?

It’s simple to receive your cashback payments. Earnings are paid monthly for all Confirmed earnings as long as your account is above the minimum payout amount of $5. Sign up or connect your existing PayPal account within the extension.