Organizing and tracking your goals just got easier with Jars. Stash money aside for what's important and view your progress.
Organize your savings with Jars

Jars make it easy to set aside money every payday. Set up individual Jars for different goals, and easily track your progress.

Better still, Jars are completely separate from your checking account. Stopping you from digging into your savings!

Be prepared for a rainy day

Douugh makes putting money away for an emergency a priority, so you're always ready for life's curveballs.

Everyone gets a Rainy Day Jar on day 1, with a built-in goal to help you stash away $1,000. Helping you to get ahead!

Track your progress

Reaching your savings goals is important to us. Jars lets you set a target of how much you want to save and by when.

Our way of holding you accountable and keeping you motivated to save.

Help us build the future of banking
Join our community of like-minded people, who are deeply passionate about helping us change the face of banking.
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