Spending Management
Keeping track of your spending is now easier than ever. Spend with confidence knowing your money is organized and you're in control.
Your dashboard

Get a complete snapshot of your money, with easy access to all your important financial information at your fingertips.

So you always know how you're tracking.

Spending categorization

Organizing your spending is important, we get that. Every time you make a transaction using your Douugh debit card we automatically categorize your spending.

Making it easier to see exactly what, where and how much you’re spending, so you can budget efficiently.

Spend within your means

Get greater control by specifying exactly how much you want to spend per category, like Food and Drink, Groceries, and Entertainment.

We'll send you insights and notifications to keep you on track and stop you overspending.

Get alerted

Instant transaction alerts keep you notified, like any time you spend or when your salary hits your account.

You'll also receive smart alerts when you’re close to hitting your targets, helping to keep you motivated and stay on track.

Reports and insights

Staying on top of your money is essential! Our ongoing reports help you stay in the green and on the path to reaching your goals.

So you can enjoy the now, and let us worry about the rest!

A single view of your money

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and numerous apps to keep track of your money! Securely connect all your external checking, savings, credit cards, investments, and student loan accounts to Douugh.

Giving you a single view of your financial position within one place.

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