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Create a winning habit by setting up an automated recurring investment plan for when you get paid. Diversify each and every time by splitting between Portfolio & Shares.

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For Wealth Creators, not Traders

Empowering you to take control of your money to reach financial independence.

Easy diversification

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Spread investments across a base Portfolio & Shares.

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Set & forget investing

Take away the stress of trying to time the market by investing at regular intervals.

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Focus on the long term

Good things come to those who wait, wealth isn't built in a day.

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Diversified Portfolios

A simple way to diversify across multiple assets, industries and countries - in one investment.

Invest to suit your risk profile

Sustainable options

Managed by the experts, BlackRock

Invest in Shares

Expand your long-term investing strategy with the world's biggest companies from as little as $1.

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What our members say.

  • Happy with the app and its features! Good for beginners to experienced investor’s.

    Sdub361 - Australia

  • Extremely Easy to Setup, Navigation around the App a breeze. Eager to start using the AutoPilot feature. Highly Recommended.

    Peter - Australia

  • Finally, something that has been thought out.

    Jetwreck - Australia

  • Easy and simple to use.

    bm0101 - Australia

  • Really like this app for the inexperienced trader - definitely hits the spot for money growth with zero effort.

    Chris - Australia

  • The app looks good, works well and has some helpful advice on it. I can’t wait for more investment options like, Australian shares/ crypto, they should be along soon I’ve been told. It’s a good start and a thumbs up from me.

    Paulsalfie - Australia

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Set up your recurring investment plan with Autopilot, to create a winning habit.
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