Behind the Scenes: Going to the dark side

Have you seen it yet? No, not the Tiger King documentary! We’ve gone to the Dark Side, yep, we’ve gone all Star Wars, sleek, black and premium. Just look at it...don’t you feel fancier already?

So why the change?

We wanted to provide you with a card designed for a global spending lifestyle. Changing the card from our launch color of white to black, we wanted to create a subtle, modern and elegant card that signified the premium quality of Douugh.

The black card represents a single membership, no discriminating of features or tiers, everyone is treated equally. That means everyone, yes everyone, who becomes a Douugh customer will receive the same benefits - we want everyone to prosper, we want everyone to be financially healthier!

Why now?

We only ever planned for our white card to be printed in a batch of a few thousand for our beta testing, before switching to a more fitting design. Now that we are coming to the end of our beta testing phase, we felt it was time to evolve and refine our card design, so here we are!

What do you think?

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Why black?

Well, why not? This wasn’t a quick or easy decision! As you might imagine, the process of coming up with this new design was a difficult one for the Douugh design team. But we got the coffees in (a lot of coffee), kicked off our shoes and all got comfy on our beautiful office sofa! After glaring at our white card, we discussed what we would like the card to mean and represent to you.

We took our time with the design, even in this early stage. We hunted around for ideas and inspiration. We looked at hundreds of card designs from high-street retailers, banks and loyalty cards. Then someone said ‘Why not black? It’s clean, prestigious and exclusive’, well it was like we had all been struck by lightning!

We aren’t so much as moving away from white if anything we’ve further refined it with dominant black and white. In the Douugh app, you’ll see we haven’t got rid of our gradient, you’ll see it being used to infuse energy and life, showcasing states of financial wellness.

Our continued journey

From conception to now, we’ve strived to create and build a beautifully simple and integrated banking product that everyone can benefit from in their everyday lives. One that is focused, highly personalized and delivers on helping you to live a financially healthier life. As cheesy as it sounds we are here for you, Douugh was created for you!

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