Douugh’s Monthly Money List - August

As there starts to be a little more normality in the world, at long last, people’s focuses are shifting. Over the last six months, priorities have changed; we’re now looking at how we can all make our lives more financially stable. Oh, how things have changed! With that in mind, check out our top tips in this month’s Douugh’s Monthly Money List.

Where to find all the top tips, so you can live financially healthy!

No one has time to be reading essays about how to save or trawling through Google to find out how to invest. We’ve rolled up our sleeves and did some digging to find insightful and entertaining content for you! Happy reading, listening, and learning!


Wallet Hacks by Jim Wang is a personal finance blog that documents unconventional yet effective strategies for getting ahead in money and life! If you want to get ahead, make Wallet Hacks a must on your Blog reading list.


Brown Ambition was created by friendsTiffany Aliche (AKA The Budgetnista) and Mandi Woodruff of Lending Tree. They cover a wide variety of money topics, keeping you informed and far from bored!


The Barefoot Investor is a must! What makes this book different from the hundreds of other books on investing? Scott Page provides a step-by-step formula that isn’t overwhelming, and the best part; you can do it all with a glass of wine in your hand. Start creating an entire financial plan that is simple.