Douugh's Monthly Money List - February

If you’re reading this then you’re going in the right direction to becoming a fountain of knowledge, you’re welcome! We hope you enjoyed last month’s first edition of Douugh’s Monthly Money List, and we hope this gives you more confidence with your finances.

Your finances and your mental health.

We all know that when money issues arise we tend to get bummed out and our mental health takes a real strain. Well, we understand and so we’ve put together some of our favorite content (and a lot of other people’s too) that will get you back on track financially and mentally.

Soak it all in

Here is a list of experts who can teach us a lot and guide us through this mind field. Happy reading, listening, and learning!


Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin, is an essential book if you are starting your journey to turning your financial life around or are struggling with money issues. This book is about the connection between your personal finances and other elements of your life that you’re mindful of. It contains loads of ideas that will have a huge influence in terms of assessing your money expenditure and the impact it has on your life.


The Simple Dollar by Trent Hamm, is a really great blog for anyone wanting an informed, relaxed and informal tone. Trent himself went through financial hardship and turned it all around, dedicating himself to figuring out how to rectify it all. In the space of about eight months, Trent paid off all his debt and put together an emergency fund. With this blog, you’ll get clear guidance which is vital to finding your way out of your financial situation.


The Dave Ramsey Show is best known for his ‘baby steps’ approach to personal finance. But you may also recognize his name and voice from the radio. Dave believes moving through a specific set of steps in a particular order will bring you financial security and wellness. This podcast offers honest, to-the-point advice on how to reduce debt quickly!

You’ll also be motivated and driven by the stories Ramsey's listeners share on their journey to financial wellness.