Earn cashback rewards

You can now earn cashback rewards while you shop.

We’re always looking for ways to help you get more and save money. Today we’re excited to share a great new feature for you that does exactly that. Say hello to Douugh Rewards!

Our brand-spankin’ new Google Chrome desktop extension will turn you into a savvy shopper in a second. Unlocking amazing cashback rewards at your favorite retail store - Always know you’re getting the best deals at over 30,000 retailers nationwide - from Walmart to Petco, paying full price is for suckers.

From grocery needs to fashion and electronic gadgets, Douugh Rewards is here to help you get what you want in style and with valuable savings. With our mission to help people spend less, save more, and build wealth, our cashback rewards will assist in saving more while buying what you need.

What is Douugh Rewards?

Rewards are our way of helping you spend less. We’ve partnered with a leading loyalty provider to give you cashback and coupons with top brands across many categories to get you more from your money every day.

What types of Rewards are there?

There are two main types available through Douugh Rewards.

The main type of reward is a cashback reward. With this type of reward, you’ll automatically receive a certain percentage of the purchase price back when you’ve downloaded our unique Douugh chrome extension and use the extension while you shop. For more information, refer here to learn more.

The other type is digital coupons.

On an eligible merchant’s check-out page, the extension will pop up with a view that presents the option to apply available coupons, if coupons are available. Simply click the button and the best deal of the available coupons will be applied.

Great cashback offers from famous brands & retailers

Redeem amazing rewards through our desktop Chrome extension every day. Claiming your cashback or coupon is as simple as clicking a link – you’ll either pay less up-front or receive the cashback automatically. It's that easy! Claiming Rewards does not affect your credit score and is fee-free.

Every Douugh member gets access to Rewards as part of your monthly financial fitness subscription. We hope that you love it as much as we all do and that you’ll keep checking for more awesome rewards coming your way.

How do I get the cashback?

After an eligible purchase, pending rewards should appear in your dashboard within a day or two, some merchants do take longer than others to report sales, however. For instance, some merchants will not report the sale until they ship the product.

For more information about how Douugh Rewards work, check out our FAQs

Install our free extension today and become a savvier shopper AND saver, instantly:

  1. Visit our <<Chrome Web Store page>> via Chrome on your desktop.

  2. Click install to add the extension to your browser.

  3. Shop online as usual, and Douugh Rewards will alert you to the best coupons and any cashback offers as you shop. Find out how it works here. 

You’re now ready to spend responsibly and save more!

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